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    Over 96% of web-sites and webblog on the internet have at least two images.

    The FACT IS:
    Images capture the attention of your clients and they make your web-site look more appealing.
    Ratio of image to video clip use in ads was 91:09 in 2015 which showcase that over 90% ads contained designs or graphics & only 9% ads used video clip.

    That's real proof that Your on-line appearance is represented by majorly by your web-sites design, banners,social media profiles, ads, infographics, covers etc.

    First time visitor will leave your web-site (bounce off) within seconds if your web-site has plain look without much infographics to engage or un-professional designs.

    90% of business which close down due to lack of traffic/client every year which happen due to poor on-line presence.

    Winning over competitor is great feet but majority is not able to survive due to weak on-line presentation of brands.

    As per business expansion experts, content & design play viral role in retention of clients.

    Design is the priority because visual appearance is the first thing which engage with visitors & play crucial role in making perception of customers about your brand.

    If you want to lead at forefront of competition with high visitor engagement rate, your brand should have beautiful appearance and graphic designs on-line.


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