TopicHorse Racing - Spotting the Winner in the Parade Ring

  • Wed 6th Dec 2017 - 9:45am

    When you talk about a horse betting system, you are basically talking about a system that helps you determine the possible winners of a race based on facts and certain criteria. There are no betting systems that can guarantee you a win all the time though but with constant study and observation along with the help of one or two systems you can rely on, you can actually find a safe pattern to use when betting to make you win more than you lose.

    Here are some betting systems and handicap systems that you can use when they go into horse race betting: Jockey Improvement - Some people find that when a good horse gets a better jockey for his next races, there is a bigger chance of the horse winning this time. Always try to take note of positive jockey changes when choosing the horses to bet on. This can usually mean that a horse with a good record can perform better under a better jockey and may end up winning you some bets.

    Z Pattern - You may find that some horses that are worth betting on are those that often make a good start, lag in the middle then improves his position near the end of the race. Try to look at horse's histories that have this kind of activity and you will find a possible winner. You will need to make sure that this happened to these horses due to their ability and not due to the tiring of their rivals during the race.



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